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At Bears' Den Our goal is to teach your child how to deal with bullies, a confrontation and self-confidence.  Fight by building true confidence and awareness of one’s ability's. We empower kids to be respectful, learn critical thinking and have social awareness, while getting a great workout and having fun.


The classes for Teens are performed at a higher level than the kid’s classes. There will be techniques that are performed at a higher level than the kids classes and are more challenging.


People join Martial Arts to get in shape and for the stress-relief effects. Others wish to improve their discipline and confidence. But most come to us for Jiu-Jitsu due to its efficiency on street self-defense. Bears' Den gives you the ability to overcome an attacker regardless of size and strength.


Womens Only Class

BJJ can be intimidating at first. At Bears' Den Jiu-jitsu we make every class a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, where our goal is to make every female feel safe. Our female members provide a home away from home family atmosphere for learning Brazillian Jiu-jitsu, Krav Maga, Kung Fu San Soo, and other self-defense arts.

Coming Soon

Other Programs are coming soon.

Coming Soon

Other Programs are coming soon.

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